Diploma in Counselling & Psychotherapy

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The course is designed to be an attractive, relevant, accessible and practical introduction to counselling and psychotherapy.

This course will be of particular interest to those who are intrigued by questions about how the mind works, how people interact and relate to each other, and how and why people experience difficulties in their lives. The aim of the course is to provide a basic foundation in the knowledge and understanding of counselling and psychotherapy.

Meet The Lecturer

Rosina-Forlenza-WoodsRosina Forlenza (Woods)

Rosina Forlenza (Woods) is a practicing psychotherapist in Dublin, and is a third level tutor with the Open University and with Dublin Business School. She is also part of an international community of Psychoanalysts, including the Irish Psychoanalytic Association (part of the Irish Council of Psychotherapy), the London Bi-Logic Group (interest in the work of Chilean psychoanalyst Ignacio Matte Blanco), and is part of Antenna di Pisa (interest in the work of French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan.

  • Introduction to the area of counselling and psychotherapy
  • Embodiment and the experiencing self
  • The unconscious and the conflicting self
  • The cognitive and interpretive perspective
  • Defences and beliefs
  • Transference and repetition
  • The therapeutic relationship (key assumptions)
  • Language, social representation and culture
  • Agency and choice
  • Unconscious desire

What We Offer

I am delighted to introduce our up-to-date range of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) courses, orientated to the needs of business executives, professionals and interested individuals that are inspired by a variety of fields. Programmes are specifically designed to meet the needs of those with a professional interest in these subject areas. They will also provide a valuable introduction for the student who is considering making a longer-term commitment to degree-level training in any of the disciplines covered. You can experience the ethos, challenge and diversity of these vibrant, engaging (and sometimes controversial) subject areas. In addition, we also hope that you will find the course engaging and a lot of fun.

This programme is aimed at those who would like to acquire a solid understanding of the major approaches in Counselling & Psychotherapy, those who are hoping to work in the growing therapeutic arena or those who have recently begun careers in this field.

Part Time: €895

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