Diploma in Criminal & Forensic Psychology

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Thinkers and researchers in the human sciences have always had an interest in deviant behaviour in individuals. Countless theories and beliefs have been proposed to explain the “criminal personality” and, more recently, the tools of psychological research have been applied within criminal justice systems worldwide to aid in the apprehension and understanding of those who break the law. This course will address the various theories presented by criminology and criminal psychology, along with a thorough exploration of the world of forensic psychology. Using real-life examples, we will examine how the forensic psychologist aids the police services in areas such as offender profiling, suspect interviewing and research.

Course Lecturer

Noel J. CanningNoel J. Canning

Noel J. Canning  is  recently retired Detective Sergeant and Deputy Head of the National Fingerprint Department, An Garda Siochana Technical Bureau where he served for over thirty years working and training personnel in Forensic Crime Scene Examination & Investigation.  He held the position of training manager  with  responsibility for Co-ordinating Crime Scene Investigation training for all of the Garda Divisions in the Republic of Ireland. He is also a  qualified  fingerprint expert with responsibility for the training of personnel to expert status over a ten year period.  Noel is a qualified Crime Scene Investigator, Crime Scene Manager, Trainer/Instructor/Mentor/Assessor with experience in Biometric identifications.

During his career Noel examined thousands of Crime Scenes, which included some of the most heinous crimes of the last thirty years. Noel worked as part of working groups and national  committees on training and development in conjunction with An Garda Siochana College in the areas of Crime Scene Examination / Investigation and Fingerprinting and set up training courses at the Technical Bureau as a result.

Noel lectured to Garda Detectives, Crime Scene Examiners, Defence Forces, Prison Service, Customs Service, and Colleges of Education in the Republic of Ireland for over ten years. Noel represented the organisation and participated in many overseas training conferences, courses and workshops. He also represented the organisation in the US to test a Biometric system for use in Ireland.

  • Early attempts to comprehend “the bad man”
  • Theories of offending behaviour across the ages
  • Readings in Criminal and Forensic Psychology
  • Case Studies
  • Profiling the offender
  • Evaluation of the contribution of psychology and criminology to our understanding of crime and delinquency
  • The role of the psychologist in assessing the effectiveness of the criminal justice system
  • How forensic psychology applies the scientific methods of psychology to the study of criminal justice issues
  • The forensic psychologist and the law
  • A critical discussion of the potential contribution of psychology to policing, the courts, and the penal system in Ireland

This course is suitable for anyone with an interest in this fascinating discipline and will appeal to everyone from the amateur sleuth to professionals within the legal system.

Part Time: €895

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