Diploma in Mediation Theory and Skills

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Mediation is one of the fastest-growing fields and academic disciplines both in Ireland and internationally, offering professional opportunities in the corporate, legal, educational, political, HR, health, and community settings, as well as many others. This Diploma will provide professionals from all disciplines with a comprehensive theoretical understanding of these efficient and innovative emerging processes of mediation, coupled with a practical command of the skills and techniques used in this process.   The Diploma is both academic and skills oriented. Students will learn the key theory underpinning the mediation process as well as the recent legislative developments relating to mediation – including the Irish Mediation Bill 2012 which is expected to be enacted at the end of 2013. Students will explore the growth of mediation across a number of sectors in Ireland: commercial, medical negligence, employment, family, debt and property mediation.   Guest lecturers will include leading mediators in Ireland who will speak of their experiences mediating in different fields such as commercial mediation, workplace mediation, family mediation and community mediation.

Course Director

Nicola White LL.B, LL.M (Dublin), Attorney-at-Law (New York). Principal Legal Researcher for the Law Reform Commission’s Consultation Paper and Final Report on Alternative Dispute Resolution. Nicola is also the Practice Manager of CEDR Ireland.

  • Introduction to Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) & Access to Justice
  • Legal Principles of Mediation & Recent Case-Law
  • Draft Mediation Bill 2012: Implications for the Legal Profession & the Civil Justice System
  • Core Mediator Skills Training
  • Sector Developments: commercial ADR, family ADR, employment ADR, construction ADR, medical ADR, sports ADR
  • Comparative Review of International Developments in MediationFuture of Mediation in Ireland
  • Understanding the Mediation Process

Assessment Details

The programme will be assessed by the completion of a written project.

What We Offer

The course will explore the main principles of mediation including, for example, confidentiality and enforcement of mediated agreements. Students will also learn about mediation in specific sectors such as family mediation and commercial mediation and the relevant legislation associated with each sector. Recent developments, including the European Directive on Mediation in Civil and Commercial Matters and the Law Reform Commission’s Consultation Paper on ADR, will also be explored.

There are no specific entry requirements for this course.

Part Time: €895

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