It’s Important to Look Back at what Happened but Don’t Stare

In our latest focus on the current climate from our Data Analytics industry leaders, we hear from Joe Keating who over the past 20 years, has helped companies all over Europe and beyond to bring the benefits of Data and Automation into their business.

Joe Keating, CDO, Glantus.

Joe Keating, CDO, Glantus.

Starting out with PM Group, Joe became a founding member of the Data and Analytics practice at Version 1, and spent several years driving Data Strategy implementations for diverse companies across Ireland and UK. At Dublin Airport, Joe helped shape the Group Data Strategy and managed key Data and Analytics initiatives to improve efficiency, drive revenue and reduce costs.

As Chief Data Officer at Glantus, Joe drives the company strategy to optimise the use of Data, Analytics and Automation based on the Glantus technology platform. In his spare time, Joe is the Chairman of the ‘Data & Technology Advisory Group’ at Airfield Estate, working to identify areas where Data/Tech can be applied effectively to progress the organisation and their vision.

Joe reflects on the year to date and why Covid-19 has reinforced the importance of, understanding how to gather, apply and present Data and Analytics to all types of audiences.

2020 started with a positive outlook on how the year would play out, with the global economy and things in Ireland, looking pretty good. Then the world suddenly altered, introducing new challenges to how we live and work – that has led to fundamental changes that could continue for a long time to come.To gain an understanding of what happened, how it has evolved and where things are heading – Data is playing a key role. It has been crucial to have Data available to determine the guiding principles that the Irish Government has followed, and Data will again dictate the next step that we take. It has been encouraging to see countries working together and sharing their information and insights on the Covid-19 pandemic, this will hopefully set a precedent for the approach to Data sharing in the future..

Forecasting the predicted impact of the pandemic using different types of data (e.g. COVID-19 data, demographic data, mobility data), methods (e.g. Deep Learning, Exponential and linear statistical), and the estimated effect of interventions (e.g. social distancing, use of face coverings) has been a vital input to decision making – by projecting the likely impact, ahead of time. This event has reinforced the importance of understanding; how to gather, apply and present Data and Analytics to all types of audiences. Businesses everywhere are starting to look forward again, but it’s important to understand the impact on your business – to identify the best actions to take towards a solid recovery.

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