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Joe Keating, CDO, Glantus. Iain White - Fennell Photography.

Joe Keating, CDO, Glantus.
Iain White – Fennell Photography.

Learn from Data Leaders, and get certified as a Data Professional by the Analytics Institute, in partnership with Independent College Dublin.

In our latest focus on the data leaders, we hear from Joe Keating who over the past 20 years, has helped companies all over Europe and beyond to bring the benefits of Data and Automation into their business. Starting out with PM Group, Joe became a founding member of the Data and Analytics practice at Version 1, and spent several years driving Data Strategy implementations for diverse companies across Ireland and UK. At Dublin Airport, Joe helped shape the Group Data Strategy and managed key Data and Analytics initiatives to improve efficiency, drive revenue and reduce costs.

As Chief Data Officer at Glantus, Joe drives the company strategy to optimise the use of Data, Analytics and Automation based on the Glantus technology platform.

In his spare time, Joe is the Chairman of the ‘Data & Technology Advisory Group’ at Airfield Estate, working to identify areas where Data/Tech can be applied effectively to progress the organisation and their vision.

What can you expect on Module 6 – Analytic Approaches and Techniques

There are many ways to approach Analytics, depending on the problem to be solved. The challenges that businesses face today are typically very different to those that been faced in the past. Expectations have shifted, standards are higher, and disruption is the new norm.

This module will involve an introduction to the most widely used approaches to applying Analytics, within business today. We will explore and discuss each of these approaches; to understand “what” they provide, “when” they are effective as well as “how” they work. We will also delve into the science and the Data that underpins the Analytics, as well as the key dependencies to a successful Analytics initiative.

A vital part of any business initiative is employing the right technique to suit the situation. In the second section of this module, a range of the most common Analytics techniques will be discussed and assessed as to “why” they are used. We’ll look at some examples and discuss the role that technology can play; to reduce the human effort and time required to deliver value.
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