School of Business

Business School DublinA leading business school in Dublin. Our business courses are largely offered at our well-appointed premises in the centre of Dublin, in a vibrant, friendly, progressive and cosmopolitan environment. In addition to high academic standards and relevance, we place great emphasis on student wellbeing, and ensuring at a personal level that all who study with us obtain maximum value from the learning experience.

A number of programmes in our undergraduate business courses are benchmarked against professional accreditation and exemption requirements and our Masters framework of qualifications offers the opportunity to gain staged postgraduate qualifications at a pace suitable for each individual learner.

While our learning and teaching emphasises the importance of understanding the theory of Business Studies as a discipline, our undergraduate business courses underpin this with substantial use of action-centred experiential learning, “real-life” case studies, team learning projects, and individual “live” research projects tailored to individual career development.

The programmes within the Business School are supplemented by a range of additional tailored programmes which are designed to accommodate the needs of particular business and commercial sectors SMEs, and others in the private or the public sector. We are happy to discuss particular areas of special-purpose provision directly with commissioning clients.

Thank you for your interest in our programmes, and best wishes in whichever choices you exercise. Review our range of business courses in Dublin and contact us with any questions or queries.

Andrew Deegan

Registrar of Business School Dublin