Dr. Bill Seery

Lecturer in Change Management

Bill Seery

Dr. Seery is a highly-qualified lecturer in the Principles of Management, and more specifically in Change Management. He has a Bachelor and Master’s degree from UCD in a variety of disciplines including Philosophy and Classics, and a PhD from the University of Ulster in Organisational Change. Dr. Seery has extensive experience in challenging environments in the public and private sectors, in particular healthcare administration, where managing organisational change is a key requirement.

He has successfully undertaken administrative responsibility for major health promotion initiatives such as (a) Heart Watch (b) Diabetes Shared Care (c) Smoking Cessation and (d) Clinical Dietetics. He also played an active role in the Change Management programme of East Coast Area Health Board for a number of years.

As a trained Facilitator in this role, Dr. Seery worked with different groups in healthcare organisations and facilitated them on Change Management issues in their working environments.