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Bursary – September 2021 Intake

Due to the great success that the bursary award for our February 2021 intake has had, Independent College Dublin are delighted to announce that we have decided to launch it again for our BA and MA programmes for September 2021 intake only.

As an addition to the established admissions processes and current terms and conditions, the College proposes the following:

+ For all new applications received before close of business, Friday 18th June 2021, a part bursary will be awarded towards the first year’s fees in the College and will be available under the following conditions:

+ A bursary award of €300 will be offset against the first year tuition fees for students taking all modules in a given stage (Pro Rata for students joining part of a Stage).
+ This will reduce the overall Gross Price of the course by the amount of €300.
+ Once a Provisional Offer Letter (POL) is issued, the applicant will have 2 weeks to make a payment and avail of the bursary.
+ To avail of the bursary, the applicant would need to pay a minimum amount of €300.
+ This fee is non-refundable.

Any questions contact our admissions team at [email protected]

It’s Important to Look Back at what Happened but Don’t Stare

In our latest focus on the current climate from our Data Analytics industry leaders, we hear from Joe Keating who over the past 20 years, has helped companies all over Europe and beyond to bring the benefits of Data and Automation into their business.

Joe Keating, CDO, Glantus.

Joe Keating, CDO, Glantus.

Starting out with PM Group, Joe became a founding member of the Data and Analytics practice at Version 1, and spent several years driving Data Strategy implementations for diverse companies across Ireland and UK. At Dublin Airport, Joe helped shape the Group Data Strategy and managed key Data and Analytics initiatives to improve efficiency, drive revenue and reduce costs.

As Chief Data Officer at Glantus, Joe drives the company strategy to optimise the use of Data, Analytics and Automation based on the Glantus technology platform. In his spare time, Joe is the Chairman of the ‘Data & Technology Advisory Group’ at Airfield Estate, working to identify areas where Data/Tech can be applied effectively to progress the organisation and their vision.

Joe reflects on the year to date and why Covid-19 has reinforced the importance of, understanding how to gather, apply and present Data and Analytics to all types of audiences.

2020 started with a positive outlook on how the year would play out, with the global economy and things in Ireland, looking pretty good. Then the world suddenly altered, introducing new challenges to how we live and work – that has led to fundamental changes that could continue for a long time to come.To gain an understanding of what happened, how it has evolved and where things are heading – Data is playing a key role. It has been crucial to have Data available to determine the guiding principles that the Irish Government has followed, and Data will again dictate the next step that we take. It has been encouraging to see countries working together and sharing their information and insights on the Covid-19 pandemic, this will hopefully set a precedent for the approach to Data sharing in the future..

Forecasting the predicted impact of the pandemic using different types of data (e.g. COVID-19 data, demographic data, mobility data), methods (e.g. Deep Learning, Exponential and linear statistical), and the estimated effect of interventions (e.g. social distancing, use of face coverings) has been a vital input to decision making – by projecting the likely impact, ahead of time. This event has reinforced the importance of understanding; how to gather, apply and present Data and Analytics to all types of audiences. Businesses everywhere are starting to look forward again, but it’s important to understand the impact on your business – to identify the best actions to take towards a solid recovery.

The Management Diploma in Data Analytics for Business offered by Independent College Dublin is designed to equip you with the tools and techniques needed to optimise the value of Data and Analytics. There has never been a more important time for your organisation to make the most of their Data.

Joe will be presenting our module, Analytic Approaches and Techniques, in our Management Diploma in Data Analytics for Business. To find out more about Joe’s module and our Management Diploma Click Here

What Does the Future Look Like for Data Driven Decision Makers?

Curator and presenter for Independent College Dublin’s’ Management Diploma in Data Analytics for Business, Alec Dolan, is very interested in what the future now holds for data analysts and data driven decision makers.

Data Analytics Pic

Due to COVID-19 all businesses and organisations have been impacted by issues that were hardly foreseen by analytics. At the start of the year predictive models did not forecast a massive dip in the price or oil or a sudden rise in unemployment, for example. The sudden exposure of backroom analytics to the forefront of decision making is now the norm. Real life data is being used in life and death decision making. Collectively the challenge now for the analytics community as we deal with the fallout of COVID-19 is the speed that we require predictive modelling to help organisations make informed decisions. Models have to be updated to take account of massive behavioural changes and data reflecting “old” behaviour patterns may skew capacity to predict.

alec-dolan (1)

Now more than ever as companies and organisations look to the future, they are going to look to analytics to help them charter their way. The analysts on their own are not going to make these decisions. Every successful data-driven analytic organisation references the need for iteration and continuous involvement with “the business”. This requires an enhanced level of capacity in the business to be able to ask good questions, understand and constructively challenge the responses and frame follow up questions. If analytics isn’t prompting “a ha” moments and strategic decisions then it’s not making its full contribution. Decisions like do we stay open, how do we rebound, are there any new markets available, how can we get the best value from our existing customer base, retain their loyalty, personalise without invading their privacy? The challenge lies not just with the analytic community but with those who, without being data scientists or engineers are aware of the power and potential of analytics: the domain experts, those who frame the questions and who need to understand where the answers guide them.

This is why Independent College Dublin’s highly rated Management Diploma in Data Analytics for Business is so relevant in the current climate. It is designed to enable people to help their organisations frame high quality,
strategic and insightful data decisions in conjunction with their analytic teams.

Alec will be presenting two of our eight modules, Big Data including Cloud and Ethics, Privacy, Data Protection & GDPR in our Management Diploma in Data Analytics for Business. To find out more about our Management Diploma Click Here

New research shows why Education matters for pay parity and senior level progression

ICD - pic5

“Perhaps addressing the issues raised by the research is the answer to transforming female under-representation in Ireland’s Boardroom and Senior Management while empowering women to seek – and get – the equal pay they deserve”, this is according to Padraig Hourigan, President, Independent College Dublin (www.independentcolleges.ie) reflecting on the findings of new research for the college, conducted by Amarach.

This reports that the majority of female respondents believe that there are significant barriers to their career progression, all of which were perceived to be higher barriers for women, but that having a third level qualification and access to further education was critical to their professional and economic development and an important confidence boost for salary and promotion negotiations.

The College, striving to its goal of improving accessibility and encouraging more women to go on to feel assured in developing their career have announced a full scholarship worth €8,500* in a Level 9 Master of Arts in Dispute Resolution in partnership with the 30% Club.

When asked about 4 key barriers to women progressing to senior management in our research, our findings identified them as:
• Not having a third level qualification relevant to their current role /87% of women and 82% of total respondents believed this
• Not having enough experience due to time out for personal reasons family or otherwise /89% of women and 84% of total respondents believed this
• Insufficient education and training options available that offer flexible options / 90% of women and 87% of total respondents believed this
• Not having the confidence to put themselves forward / 92% of women felt this vs 84% males
• On average these four barriers were less of an issue for male respondents by a factor of up to 9%
• 74% of females feel that having a degree is a confidence booster when it comes to getting paid the same as their male counterparts
• 84% of all respondents believe that having a third level education is important to progress in their field
• Access and support with training an education is more influential for females than males and among the 25-44 age cohort

About the College
Independent College Dublin is a specialist college with more than 700 academic students and almost 300 professional students at its city centre Campus offering business and law related programmes that help people become critical thinkers and change leaders. For more information visit www.independentcolleges.ie

30% Club Scholarship Programme Master of Arts in Dispute Resolution

The Independent College Dublin Scholarship Programme Master of Arts in Dispute Resolution in partnership with 30% Club offers professional opportunities in the corporate, legal, educational, political, HR, health, and community settings. Its MA is Level 9, QQI approved and includes arbitration, mediation, conflict coaching and negotiation across sectors including commercial, construction, and workplace.
The course is currently offered over one year, based on 15 hours per working week. This scholarship allows for completion over two years, thus reducing the working week requirement, and it’s hoped to add an evening option later this year. Ideally, applicants should have an upper second-class honours degree (Level 8) but this does not have to be in a legal discipline. The value of the scholarship is up to €8,500* and applications must be submitted by June 26 for consideration.

Ruth Hussey, Country Lead, 30% Club and Partner, Arthur Cox said : “The 30% Club believes that gender balance on boards and in senior management not only encourages better leadership and governance, but diversity further contributes to better all-round board performance, and ultimately increased corporate performance for both companies and their shareholders. We’re delighted to welcome Independent College Dublin to the 30% Club Scholarship Programme with such a topical course as their MA in Dispute Resolution. In Ireland, our Scholarship Programme continues to attract generous support across all national education providers and allows us to offer opportunities in Business, STEM and Leadership in Healthcare.”

Census 2016
According to the 30% Club, the census of 2016 showed that women made up 53% of the students graduating from third level education, with a quarter of those students studying business, administration and law. Yet the numbers of women moving on to post graduate and executive education is dramatically reduced, and at the same time, the percentage of women in very senior business roles, including CEO and Board roles is progressing at a very slow rate. That’s why the 30% Club has established partnerships with a number of learning institutions to address the under-representation of women pursuing post-graduate management education, by offering scholarships aimed at women.

Learn from Data Leaders: Karl Purcell

Karl P
Over the course of two modules with Karl on the Independent College Dublin Management Diploma in Data Analytics, you will learn about the role of analytics in business from data mining to interpretation, a manager’s role in this, data governance, predictive analytics and the future of analytics. The second module on risk and fraud, covers people, financial, project and health risk in the context of data analytics and throughout Karl will be leveraging his own industry experience.

Karl is currently working with the Behavioural Economics Unit in the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) as Programme Manager.

Prior to SEAI, Karl previously worked in the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform in Ireland applying behavioural economics to public policymaking. Working with policymakers, senior officials, and frontline staff, he gained invaluable experience driving the adoption of behavioural economics in Irish policymaking. He has published a number of papers summarising his work on the website of the Irish Government Economic Evaluation Service (IGEES).

Karl holds an Honours Bachelor’s Degree in Business Studies (Finance) from Dublin City University and an MSc in Behavioural Science for Management from the University of Stirling. He is currently studying for his Higher Diploma in Science in Data Analytics.

Find out more and apply today

Learn from Data Leaders: Julian Perez Alzueta

Learn from Data Leaders

Learn from Data Leaders

Julian has been leading and working with Data & Analytics teams across Europe for over a decade. He holds an MSc. In Theoretical Physics from the University of Paris Diderot in Paris and a PhD in Quantitative Finance from Trinity College Dublin. As part of his PhD, he studied and compared the performance of Neural Networks and other Machine Learning models.

As part of his current role in Core, Julian is involved in defining specific client data solutions and helping clients start and evolve their marketing attribution journey. His team have developed bespoke analytical solutions for leading Irish brands such as National Lottery, An Post and Electric Ireland. Prior to joining Core, he has worked in global data deployments for Telefonica in Spain and in building advanced algorithmic trading processes for Capital Fund Management (C.F.M.) in France.

Julian will be delivering a Module on Advances in Analytics – Artificial Intelligence, IOT, Machine Learning in the Independent College Dublin Management Diploma in partnership with the Analytics Institute.

Here is what to expect…
“Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Deep learning, Neural Networks, Internet of Things… These are words we start to hear more often, but there is a lot of confusion out there about what these buzz words actually mean, and the implication they have for businesses both in terms of impact and process complexity.
This course aims to:
1. Deliver an understanding of the key concepts behind Statistical Modelling and Artificial Intelligence

2. Provide clear examples of how these different techniques are being applied in a business context

3. Establish an informed perspective of the future of AI and how we can expect AI and ML to evolve during the next coming years
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The graduation of Class of 2019

Graduating after a long period of dedicated study is a day of enormous pride. Of course it can start out somewhat stressful, getting ready to join friends and family and study comrades for a big day, but the overwhelming emotion is definitely that of pride and satisfaction.

As the Independent College Dublin classes of 2019 came together at St. Anne’s Church on Dawson Street, many were re-grouping for the first time in months, and the excitement was palpable. Padraig Hourigan, President of the College, welcomed everyone and put them at ease, and congratulated them on this incredible achievement. Highlighting the needs of some in our community who cannot partake in society in this way, he encouraged them to both celebrate their success and then to use it for good.

Guest speaker, and leading economist Jim Power, reminded each of the graduates, that this is something that no one can ever take away from them, it is something that stays with them for life. As we filmed some of the feelings captured on the day, from those starting their careers as legal executives in professional firms, and graduates of Master programmes in Dispute Resolution or the business graduates planning to extend their skills and progress their careers, each and every one of the Independent College Dublin team shared in the feeling of how worthwhile it is to work in education, to help people go forward and realise their dreams, and to use graduation as the start – not the end – of their exciting journeys.

We wish everyone so much success with their next chapter and we encourage you all to stay involved with Independent College Dublin long into the future.

5 Reasons to Choose Independent College Dublin for your FE1 Exam Preparation

Here are five reasons to choose Independent College Dublin for your FE1 Exam prep success
1. Prizewinning Quality
Our students have achieved incredible results and prizewinning success – more than 26 Law Society Entrance Examination 1st placed prizes in individual subjects

2. A timetable that works for you
Online and offline learning, access to the lectures from home, classroom lectures available too. Plus our timetable gives you the chance to also have a breather over Christmas. Also access our homework facility and library on site at Independent College Dublin.

3. High standard of lecturers with industry knowledge, proven track record and teaching skills
See our lecturers here

4. Excellent exam support, and materials
Our FE1 manuals contain the most up to date (2019) information available to students, prepared by lecturers who have a unique insight into how best to prepare students for these law examinations. All students are provided with sample suggested solutions to some of the most recent past examination papers.

5. Excellent value for money.
Book a block of subjects and avail of great discounts.
Classroom Based (Live) Lectures: Register for 1 – 3 subjects – €395 per subject…
Register for 4 or more in one sitting and receive a 10% discount
Register for 8 Subjects Upfront over 2 sittings and receive a 17.5% discount – €2,600

Online Lectures/ Distance Learning: Register for 1 – 3 subjects – €345 per subject
Register for 4 or more in one sitting and receive a 10% discount
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