Certificate in Family Mediation for Conflict Resolution Practitioners

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What is the course about?

This Certificate in Family Mediation for Conflict Resolution Practitioners is aimed specifically at participants who have completed a minimum of 60 hours (academic plus additional practical) Conflict Resolution Training/Mediation Training and who wish to specialise in Family Mediation.

This course will educate and prepare Conflict Resolution Practitioners in the complexities of mediating families during the vulnerability of intimate relationship breakdown. This is a unique opportunity to train in a specialised area, where the blend of theoretical and practical learning will ensure vulnerable families will be afforded the highest quality service and care, their needs being of paramount importance.

Course Duration

This 16 week professional development course will be delivered live online via Zoom for 2.5 hours from 6.00-8.30pm. Date and day will be announced shortly.

Over the 16 classes the course will cover:

Course Themes

· Identification and understanding of the varying complexities of ‘family’ and what family relationship breakdown mediation actually involves.

· Training of practitioners about the complexities of relationship breakdown.
· For example, Power and control and Financial implications.
· Child developmentally appropriate parenting plans, Co-parenting, Psychological implications for all parties involved.
· Maintenance of resident and non-resident parental relationships.
· Understanding the importance of extended familial relationships.
· Child focussed mediation and child inclusive mediation.
· Introduction to the legalities covering family mediation e.g. Domestic abuse legislation (theory and practice) Child and Family Relationships Bill, Separation and Divorce Act. 2017 Mediation Act, The Rights of the Child, Maintenance and Access Orders, Children’s First. Introduction to ASIST training.
· Confidentiality and exceptions to same.
· Family Mediation Stages.
· Screening, Pre-Mediations, GDPR (S.16 of Mediation Act), Culture implications,
· The Role of the Mediator within the process. Self-awareness, triggers, impartiality, supervision, self-care.

· Ethics:
· Couple dynamics
· Parenting during and after separation, Introduction of new partners and children. Maintaining respectful co-parenting relationships.
· Finances- The family home, ongoing financial supports, Property, Pension Adjustment Orders (not for mediation), Succession.
· Drafting the Mediated Agreement.
· On-going self-reflection work over the duration of the course and role play scenarios.


This course is provided and accredited by Independent College Dublin. This new certificate course is directed at NRQ level 6.

Learn from our Leading Practitioner

Sharon Morrissey is a Private Family Mediator, and a lecturer with Independent College Dublin. She holds a MA of Arts in Conflict Resolution with NUIG and ST. Angela’s College, Sligo. PG Certificate in Mediation and Conflict Resolution, Ordinary Degree in Applied Social Care, Certificate in Counselling and Human Relations Skills, Addiction Studies, Child Bereavement and psychology, Childcare Collaborative Practitioner, Child Focussed and Child Inclusive Mediator, Completed Parental Alienation Training, Barnardos and TUSLA Child Protection Training Policies and Procedures. Sharon has completed 32 hour Specialist Family Mediation Training. She is a Parenting when Separated Facilitator, and Incredible Years Facilitator. She is ASIST trained. She is accredited by MII. Sharon has served on Board of Management with Crèches and Early Childhood Education Facilities. She has recently chaired the MII revamp of Family Mediation Practice. She is a Front line Practitioner, working with children and families in vulnerable positions for over 23 years, and is the Author of “That’s Not My Ending!” She has recently collaborated with Michael Lang and Peter Nicholson along with 74 other Mediation Practitioners on “Living Together Separating, Divorcing, Surviving during the Pandemic” supporting parents and families through Covid-19 Pandemic.

Sharon Morrissey is currently studying Psychology and Counselling, Care Counselling in Children and dealing with loss.

Course Requirements
To apply for this course you must demonstrate that you have completed a minimum of 60 hours (academic plus additional practical) Conflict Resolution Training/Mediation Training and wish to specialise in Family Mediation.

The course fee is €2,195 and you will be award a professional certificate upon complication.

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