Certificate in Introduction to Contract Law

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What is the course about?

Contracts form a significant part of all our daily lives. An individual can enter and execute dozens of contracts in a single day without giving much thought to what is involved or required for those contracts. Due to the volume and array of different contracts that are concluded every day in Ireland, contract law is one of the vastest and often most complicated areas of law. Our Introduction to Contract Law course offers participants an introductory insight into the main areas of contract law around formation, contents, and disputes.

This 6 week course is designed to give participants a good understanding of the basic principles and concepts in Irish contract law. On completion of the course, participants should expect to be able to recognise the required criteria for the formation of a legally enforceable contract and identify potential issues with a contract that may lead to a dispute and what remedies are available.

Who Should Attend?

This course is ideal for students and/or prospective students who are considering studying law or may have an interest in taking law as a subject. This introductory course will give students a feel for the study of law and aide them in their decision making, giving them a taste of life as a lawyer before they commit to a law programme or career. The course will also demonstrate the type of critical thinking and analysis that is required to be a successful lawyer.

Non-legal professionals whose work involves negotiating and/or dealing in contracts may also benefit from this course. A basic understanding of contract law can be an invaluable tool to have to add value to your role and/or business.

Course Duration

This professional development course will be delivered over 6 weeks live online and recorded via Zoom. The live lecturers will also be recorded for repeat viewing on our Moodle Platform.

2021 Course Dates Announced
+ April 2021 – week commencing 19th April
+ September 2021 – week commencing 6th September
+ October 2021 – week commencing 4th October
*May be subject to change*

Over the 6 weeks the course will cover –
Course Overview
+ Offer/Acceptance and Consideration
+ Intention, Certainty, Privity and Capacity
+ Formalities (including e-contracts)
+ Implied/Express Terms and Breach of Contract
+ Void/Voidable Contracts
+ Remedies


This certificate course is provided and accredited by Independent College Dublin. You will be awarded a professional certificate upon completion on this course.

Learn from our Leading Practitioner

Craig Phillips BL, is a barrister and delivers our Introduction to Contract Law course. He says “Contracts are everywhere. We all enter numerous contracts everyday so, particularly for a lawyer, it is important to have a deep knowledge of contract law and this course is a great starting point. Even for non-lawyers or law students, being able to demonstrate that you have a good working knowledge of contract law will be a great tool to have in impressing current or prospective employers in an ever increasingly competitive jobs market.”

Certificate in Introduction to Contract Law fee is €390.00

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