Certificate in Project Management

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What is the course about?

In recent years there has been an explosion in the number of projects initiated by businesses across every industry, including construction, IT, electronics, healthcare, marketing, manufacturing, civil engineering and management. With these projects businesses seek to navigate the relentlessly complex and fast-changing market places they find themselves in, hoping to outperform their competitors.

This certificate in Project Management offers comprehensive introduction to project management and its critical importance in delivering business success. Over this 15 week course, participants will gain insight into the practical, interpersonal and problem-solving skills required to be a highly effective and respected project manager in any industry.

The assessment for the course is structured so as to help learners embed the concepts covered in the weekly online lectures. Assessment includes participation in a group project, where learners can apply their learning to a specific project, and emerge from this course withs strong grasp of the role of project manager, ready for employment or further education.

Who Should Attend?

This is an ideal course for those who are seriously considering a career as a project manager or those who wish to become high-functioning members of project teams. For some this may be their first career, for others this may be the first step towards a change in career direction.

This course will help you understand the wide range of project management methodologies used today, from highly structured, controlled and process-driven approaches to more fluid, creative and people-driven approaches. With this insight you will be in a good position to make a very well-informed decision about the right career direction for you within project management, before you make a decision to pursue one particular brand of project management.

Course Duration

Our next course starting on 23rd June will be delivered live online via Zoom every Thursday evening from 6.30-9.00pm for 15 weeks.

Course Modules

Week 1
The role of project management in delivering business strategy
Week 2
Project manager roles and responsibilities
Week 3
Project management methodologies
Week 4
Project management and leadership
Week 5
Group dynamics and conflict management
Week 6
Scope management
Week 7
Cost Management
Week 8
Schedule management
Week 9
Risk Management
Week 10
Resource Management
Week 11
Stakeholder Management
Week 12
Supply Chain Management
Week 13
International project management
Week 14
A comparison of commonly used project management methodologies:
PRINCE2 vs Agile Scrum
Week 15

The successful learner will be awarded a Certificate in Project Management by Independent College Dublin

Learn from our Leading Lecturer

The course is designed and led by a business practitioner who has over 20 years of experience working on project teams at communication and media agencies, for a diverse range of clients: from small and local to big and global.

The course fee is €895 for 37 hours of Live Online Tuition

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