Certificate in Social Media Marketing & Management

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What is the course about?

· You will learn where Social Media fits in the media and marketing landscape.
· You will explore its application within small and simple, or large multi-faceted campaigns.
· You will get a handle on social media strategy and its relationship to brand strategy.
· You will gain insight into campaign design, content planning, audience targeting, performance monitoring, reporting, moderation and ecommerce.
· You will gain an appreciation of the range of career opportunities for social media campaign managers: from independent small online businesses, to freelancers, to international brand companies, as well as marketing, PR and digital agencies.

Who Should Attend?

Perhaps you are considering a new and flexible career, working from home for famous brands or working in-house at a PR or digital agency. Perhaps you simply want to promote your own online store or your personal social media profile on Instagram. If so, this course offers a comprehensive introduction to Social Media Marketing and Management today. The course is designed for those starting out or those considering a new career direction with a better work-life balance.

Course Duration

This professional certificate course will be delivered over 10 weeks live online and recorded via Zoom. The live lecturers will also be recorded for repeat viewing on our Moodle Platform.

2021 Course Dates Announced
+ February 2021 – week commencing 1st February
+ April 2021 – week commencing 19th April
+ September 2021 – week commencing 6th September
+ October 2021 – week commencing 4th October

Course Modules

Week 1
Social Media Today: Overview and Applications
Week 2
Social Media Roles: Stand-alone or within a Multi-channel Campaign
Week 3
Social Media and Brand Strategy
Week 4
Content and Advertising Formats, Campaign Types, Practical Audience Targeting
Week 5
Setting Objectives, Creating a Content Strategy & Plan
Week 6
Social Media Listening and Channel Moderation: Principles, Tools and Issues
Week 7
Campaign Performance, Reporting and Optimisation
Week 8
Social Media Influencers & Artists – What’s the Story?
Week 9
Ecommerce Campaigns – Online selling on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, ecommerce websites, etc.
Week 10
Social Media and Public Relations (PR) Campaigns

The successful learner will be awarded a Certificate in Social Media & Marketing by Independent College Dublin

Learn from our Leading Practitioner

The course is designed and led by a marketing practitioner who has over 20 years of experience working at communication and media agencies, with a wide range of clients: from small and local to big and global.

“The strength of this course is that it offers a truly rounded and up-to-date perspective on the practice of social media marketing and management. Many courses of this type are so focused on the practical, that they don’t consider the bigger picture that is critical to business and career success. On one hand our course offers insight into the design, launch and day-to-day management of social media campaigns, big or small. On the other, it develops your understanding of social media as a strategic tool. It explores social media’s role in delivering strategies for brands and businesses, and how it may be successfully deployed as one part of a multi-media campaign – alongside other digital and non-digital channels of communication.”

The course fee is €795 for 25 hours of Live Online Tuition with a marketing practitioner.

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