FE1 Exams Preparatory Course Overview

Note: Our course on 2nd June 2020 will be delivered via online distance learning only

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FE1 Exam Prep-Why Choose Independent College Dublin?

Record of Success 

*Our students have had significant prizewinning success.

*In excess of 26 Law Society Entrance Examination 1st placed prizes in individual subjects.

Our FE1 Team

Independent College Dublin has been delivering FE1 Exam Preparation courses since 2007. Each member of our FE1 lecture team has a wealth of experience in delivering preparatory courses for the FE1 examinations and they have been selected on the basis of their ability to deliver the key points of the syllabus as they relate to the examinations in a clear and concise manner. All lectures are entirely examination-focused with particular attention paid to the approaches and techniques needed to be adopted to pass the entrance examinations. Modules are as follows:

  • Law of Contract
  • Law of Torts
  • Criminal Law
  • EU Law & Constitutional
  • Equity Law
  • Company Law
  • Property Law
  • What We Offer

    Online Learning: Our June course will be delivered live online and recorded for repeat viewing availability on our Moodle platform.

    Benefits for online lectures includes:

    • 15 x 2 hour lecture online per week available until the end of the examination period
    • 1 x 2 hour Exam Review Tutorial (end of course)
    • A copy of the updated manual in that subject
    • A copy of the past examination papers and reports
    • Past examination paper grids
    • Each recorded teaching session will be available online via our Moodle platform
    • Homework correction facility
    • Lecturer/Tutor support online
    • Excellent Study Materials

      Independent College FE1 manuals are reviewed and updated every year. The manuals contain the most up to date course specific information available to students. Each FE1 law manual is laid out in a student friendly style, incorporating an elaborate case index in most manuals, and a special FE1 law exam tips section. Our law manuals have been prepared by lecturers who have a unique insight into how best to prepare students for these law examinations. All students are provided with sample suggested solutions to some of the most recent past examination papers. The exams are assessed by the Law Society of Ireland.

      Homework Facility

      Students may avail of our homework facility whereby students are welcome to attempt answers to past examination questions. These questions are corrected and returned with feedback by a course tutor via email.

      Draft Timetable starting 2nd June 2020 through online learning

      *May be subject to some slight alteration

      For week 1 and week 10 (to accommodate the June and August Bank Holiday weekends the following timetable will apply)

      Start TimeTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday
      18:00– 20:00hrsProperty LawCriminal Law

      Law of Tort

      Constitutional Law

      Lecturer TBCLecturer TBCLecturer TBCLecturer TBC
      20:15- 22:15hrsLaw of Equity & TrustsLaw of ContractCompany Law EU Law
      Lecturer TBCLecturer TBCLecturer TBCLecturer TBC

      For weeks 2-9 and 11-15 (inclusive) the following timetable will apply

      Start TimeMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursday
      18:00– 20:00hrsProperty Law Criminal Law

      Law of Tort

      Constitutional Law

      Lecturer TBCLecturer TBCLecturer TBCLecturer TBC
      20:15- 22:15hrsLaw of Equity & TrustsLaw of ContractCompany LawEU Law
      Lecturer TBCLecturer TBCLecturer TBCLecturer TBC

The FE1 exams are delivered and assessed externally by The Law Society of Ireland.

Online/distance learning only for June delivery:

Register for 1 – 3 subjects – €345 per subject

Register for 4 or more subjects in one sitting and receive a 15% discount

Register for 8 subjects upfront over 2 sittings and receive a 20% discount – €2,200

The fees for in-class delivery for November are the same as above.


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