FE1 Exam Preparatory Course

Note: Our Spring 2022 intake will be delivered on a hybrid delivery (i.e. online and in-person).

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Course Overview

Independent College Dublin has been providing FE1 Exam Preparation Courses since 2007. Our students have achieved significant success with their Law Society of Ireland’s Entrance Exams. Each member of our FE1 team are some of Ireland’s leading law lecturers with a wealth of experience in delivering preparatory courses for the FE1 examinations and have been selected on the basis of their ability to deliver the key points of the syllabus as they relate to the examinations in a clear and concise manner. All lectures are examination-focused with particular attention being paid to the approaches and techniques needed to be adopted to pass the entrance examinations.*Our students have a strong record of significant exam success*

Every year we review and update our FE1 Manuals. We understand the value that our students gain from having concise up to date material that is easily referenced. Our FE1 manuals are laid out in a student-friendly style, with the FE1 examination in mind. with a particular focus on the topics which have been identified as relevant to the FE1 exam. Our manuals have been prepared by lecturers who have a unique insight into how best to prepare students for these examinations. Students are free to enroll at any stage during the course delivery. Once enrolment is complete, students will receive immediate access to the current course class recordings and manuals. Lecturers provide ample guidance during class in relation to exam questions from past FE1 exam papers with tips and techniques to optimize the students’ exam technique. The exams are administered and assessed by The Incorporated Law Society of Ireland.

Our Teaching Method

Each member of our FE1 lecture team has been chosen on the basis of their ability to deliver the key points of the syllabus as they relate to the examinations in a clear and concise manner. Students are provided with an opportunity in each week to undertake questions from past examination papers and to upload those questions to our VLE for review by the lecturer. These questions are chosen by the lecturer on the basis of their relevance to the topic of the week, and within the overall context of the FE1 All lectures are entirely examination-focused with particular attention paid to the approaches and techniques needed to be adopted to pass the entrance examinations.

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What We Offer

Our Spring 2022 delivery commencing in June 2022 will be taught in the course of 15 weeks. Our face-to-face delivery for this intake is yet to be confirmed. Our website will be updated with the relevant information. All our online classes are recorded live and engagement is encouraged. These lectures will then be uploaded on the relevant page on our VLE (Virtual Learning Environment), which is Moodle, and available for repeat viewing.

Our classes provide students with a structured learning environment, where they can engage with their lecturer as and when they need during class time. In addition, uploading the recording of the class to Moodle allows all students to re-watch (or listen to) lectures. There is no limit to the number of times a student can access the recording of a class during the course.

All of the teaching teams provide support between classes where required. Students can email lectures, or use the messaging function on Moodle if they have queries in relation to the subject area. We deliver classes in the eight subjects:

    • Law of Contract
    • Law of Torts
    • Criminal Law
    • European Union Law
    • Constitutional Law
    • Law of Equity & Trusts
    • Company Law
    • Property Law

What we Provide

  • 15 x 2 hour lecture online or in-class per week available until the end of the examination period
  • 1 x 2 hour Exam Review Tutorial (end of course)
  • A printed copy of the updated manual in that subject
  • A digital copy of the past examination papers and reports
  • Past examination paper grids
  • Each recorded teaching session will be available online via our Moodle platform
  • Homework correction facility
  • Lecturer/Tutor support in-class and online

Excellent Study Materials
Independent College FE1 manuals are reviewed and updated every year. The manuals contain the most up-to-date course-specific information available to students. Each FE1 law manual is laid out in a student-friendly style, incorporating an elaborate case index in most manuals, and a special FE1 law exam tips section. Our law manuals have been prepared by lecturers who have a unique insight into how best to prepare students for these law examinations. All students are provided with sample suggested solutions to some of the most recent past examination papers. The exams are assessed by the Law Society of Ireland.

Homework Facility
Students may avail of our homework facility whereby students are welcome to attempt answers to past examination questions. These questions are corrected and returned with feedback by a course tutor via email. It is strongly suggested that students enroll from the start of each subject to maximize the number of homework submissions possible.

Provisional Timetable Spring 2022 Delivery. Classes commence in the beginning of June 2022 and run for 15 weeks. Our classes run Monday to Thursday.

Our lecturing team is some of Ireland’s leading law lecturers. They are a highly experienced, dedicated, inspiring, and results-driven team.

Matthew Holmes Barrister-at-Law

Matthew Holmes

        • Matthew Holmes has been a practising barrister since 2011. He is a member of the Bar of Ireland, the Bar of Northern Ireland and the Bar of England & Wales.

      He is the author of the Nutshells on Administrative law (first and second editions), the Nutshells on EU law, and The essential law text on Evidence (shortlisted for Irish Law Book of the Year 2019). He has extensive teaching experience and previously lectured in DIT and UCD.

        Matthew currently teaches Criminal Law on our FE1 Exam Preparatory course. View Matthew’s

LinkedIn Profile here


Matthew has extensive published work and a selection of three very interesting articles featured in the Law Society Gazette are listed here to read:

+ Stairway to Heaven – There’s a sign on the wall but you want to be sure of the road to Supreme Court
+ New Costs Orders – The Wages of Sin
+ Surfing the crowd? Bringing litigation funding into the 21st century

Glenn Lynch Barrister-at-Law

Glenn Lynch

        • Glenn Lynch is a practising Barrister in the areas of Criminal Law, Personal injuries and Property Law.

      He holds a Barrister-at-Law Degree from the Honorable Society of King’s Inns and Master of Laws from Trinity College Dublin.He received the McCarthy Bursary Scholarship at Kings Inns and the Google tide Scholarship at UCD for academic excellence.He lectures in a range of subjects including: company law, property law, criminal law and tort.

        Glenn currently teaches Property Law on our FE1 Exam Preparatory course. View Glenn’s

LinkedIn Profile here.

“I look forward to getting to know you all and helping you successfully complete your FE1s.”

Glenn has written a very interesting article regarding The Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme.

Nadia Bhatti Bachelor-of-Laws

Nadia Bhatti

      • Nadia Bhatti is one of the most experienced FE1 lecturers in the country, having lectured since 2016 on Independent College Dublin FE1 Exam Preparatory courses. This experience means that Nadia has an in-depth understanding of exam topics, exam trends, as well as common exam pitfalls. Nadia has over ten years’ experience as a lecturer in law, lecturing also in Employment Law, Criminal Law, Administrative Law, Land Law and Conveyancing. Nadia will be teaching Constitutional Law and EU Law on our FE1 Exam Preparatory course.


      • _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Conor Bergin FE1 Student 2020/21

Conor Bergin
FE1 Student 2020/21

      • “Coming from a non-law background, and with an undergraduate degree in History & Politics – I started studying with Independent College Dublin for the FE1 exams having never studied law before. I asked a number of friends who had recently qualified as Solicitors for advice and they all recommended Independent College Dublin to me so I signed up for all 8 subjects, over two sittings.

I found both the course and lecturers to be excellent. In particular, all lecturers offer a homework correction facility where you can practice exam questions at the end of every week and get feedback. I found this extremely beneficial in studying for my FE1 exams and the lecturers were very helpful in giving me feedback on how to improve my answers, and explain the course material and case law I needed to learn for the exams. As I do not live in Dublin, the fact that I could watch all of the lectures online and in my own time, was a major factor for me in choosing Independent College Dublin. The course manuals which are provided for each subject, along with the past exam papers – are all the materials you need to pass the FE1 exams. All of the lecturers are also accessible by email outside of class, and many of them go above and beyond their duties in providing support and assistance.

I would have no hesitation in recommending the FE1 preparatory course with Independent Colleges to any prospective FE1 student and in particular, those like myself coming from a non-law background who have never studied any law before. In a nutshell, I found the course with Independent College Dublin to be accessible, helpful and engaging and gave me all the knowledge and confidence I needed to sit the FE1 exams.”

Eligible candidates may sit the FE1 Entrance Examinations which are normally held in spring and autumn of each year. In order to be considered eligible to take the FE1 Entrance Examinations, one must EITHER

(a) have passed the Law Society of Ireland’s Preliminary Examination, OR
(b) be exempted from the Preliminary Examination under the Rules of the Incorporated Law Society of Ireland.

You can find information in relation to the process of qualifying as a solicitor on the Law Society of Ireland’s website here

The FE1 exams are delivered and assessed externally by The Law Society of Ireland.

Face-to-Face and Online Delivery Fees:

Register for 1 – 3 subjects – €350 per subject (online and in-class)

Register for 4 or more subjects in one sitting and receive a 15% discount

Register for 8 subjects upfront over 2 sittings and receive a 20% discount – €2240.00

Repeat Delivery Fees
Every applicant is entitled to repeat each subject once within 12 months of the original registration on payment of an administration fee of €90 per subject. If a manual is required, the fee is €50 per manual.

Spring delivery timetable – classes commencing June 2022 for 15 weeks