Management Diploma in Data Analytics for Business

Independent College Dublin is now enrolling for our Management Diploma in Data Analytics for Business. This 8 week diploma is run in partnership with the Analytics Institute. Learn from data leaders in a host of leading organisations across industry.
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What is the course about?

In partnership with the Analytics Institute, the Professional Body for the Data Analytics profession in Ireland, this Management Diploma in Data Analytics is an eight module programme, developed by leading industry experts and practitioners, created to give participants a full understanding of the power and scope of Data Analytics in business.

This course is designed for people who are not themselves Data Scientists, Data Engineers or Business Analysts but need to know how to help their organisations frame high quality, strategic and insightful data decisions in conjunction with their analytic teams. The analytics teams in turn require well informed domain experts with a level of understanding as to what they need to best do their job. The Management Diploma programme will therefore, suit non-technical managers and executives who need a comprehensive understanding of data analytics in their organisation.

The course does not assume or rely on deep technical knowledge but presumes that you will have been exposed to and curious about data analytics. Participants will be equipped to understand the power of data, its potential risks and challenges, how it can be used to empower customer engagement, build new revenue streams, improve business performance and create sustainable business value. You will be equipped to be full participants in strategic discussions and decision making covering emerging elements of Analytics in Business including Customer Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Big Data including Cloud, Risk & Fraud Analytics, Ethics, Privacy and GDPR, and advances in Analytics.

What topics will be covered during the course?

Course Modules:

  • The Role of Analytics in Business
  • Big Data including Cloud
  • Customer Data Analytics
  • Risk & Fraud Analytics
  • Analytics Approaches & Techniques
  • Advances in Analytics – Artificial Intelligence, IOT, Machine Learning
  • Ethics, Privacy, Data Protection, GDPR
  • Creating a Data Analytics Function – Org Structure, Interaction with Business, Talent Management

    An assignment of 2,000 words is required at the end of the course for certification. It will be assessed by our course curator and the Analytics Institute.

    Course Duration

    This is a part time course, delivered online in the evening via Zoom from 6.30pm to 8.45pm for 8 weeks. Each module will be recorded for repeat viewing on our Moodle Platform. During the live-lectures we encourage engagement from participants and want the online experience to be as interactive as our classroom delivery.

    2021 Course Dates Announced
    + April 2021 – week commencing 19th April
    + September 2021 – week commencing 6th September

    Our Leading Industry Course Presenters are:

    Alec Dolan, Consultant. Former CIO and Head of Procurement at the Dept. of Justice & Equality
    Alec will curate the course, present and lead on behalf of the Analytics Institute.
    Karl Purcell, Programme Manager Behavioral Economics Unit SEAI
    Colin Kane, Director of Customer Analytics at Bank of Ireland
    Joe Keating, Chief Data Officer at Glantus
    Julian Perez Alzueta, Head of Data Science Core
    Alex Manek, Director of Data Analytics at EY


    As a client experience manager working in International Finance, I know how important data analytics is and will be. I wanted to be able to have meaningful conversations with our data analytics experts to drive results for our clients and my team. This course seemed like the ideal fit – not too technical for a business manager, a line-up of industry lecturers and membership of the Analytics Institute. The range of lecturers was great. From consultants who could give examples in the areas of residential property, to managers leading teams of analysts in marketing. Each presenter brought real world experience to the table.Every module brought something new but I need to mention two modules; Colin Kane gave an excellent presentation on how analytics is used at Bank of Ireland. The overview of customer and marketing analytics was outstanding. Joe Keating, Chief Data Officer of software company and consultancy Glantus, gave a master call on analytics approaches and techniques. I thoroughly recommend the Management Diploma in Data Analytics for Business offered by Independent College. I have already taken ideas from the course and started to implement them in my role.

    Cian O’Connor
    Director – Client Experience Management
    BNY Mellon

    As a Marketer, I have a keen interest in digital analytics and data science. I also teach digital marketing & media so education is very important to keep on top of current trends and technologies. What really appealed to me was the leading industry experts teaching the course and that the duration of the course was not a huge commitment. I’ve always valued the importance of data but this course enlightened me with the possibilities of how data can be used more effectively to build revenue streams. It also opened my eyes to the many advance in artificial intelligence and looked at the many statistical modelling approaches for machine learning.The fact that all presenters are leading industry experts and that they brought their practical knowledge and demonstrated the impact of data analytics in each class. The module, Analytics Approaches & Techniques stood out the most for me.
    8 weeks is not a huge commitment to learn so much insight about data analytics from the best in the business. You will definitely learn something no matter what level you are at.

    Joanne Hurley
    Marketing Communications Manager

  • Diploma fee €1,395
    This includes one year Executive Membership of Analytics Institute on successful completion.

    For existing members of the Analytics Institute who want to complete this Diploma, please contact admissions for the diploma fees.

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    Phone:+353 1 8773900
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