Learn from Data Leaders: Julian Perez Alzueta

Learn from Data Leaders

Learn from Data Leaders

Julian has been leading and working with Data & Analytics teams across Europe for over a decade. He holds an MSc. In Theoretical Physics from the University of Paris Diderot in Paris and a PhD in Quantitative Finance from Trinity College Dublin. As part of his PhD, he studied and compared the performance of Neural Networks and other Machine Learning models.

As part of his current role in Core, Julian is involved in defining specific client data solutions and helping clients start and evolve their marketing attribution journey. His team have developed bespoke analytical solutions for leading Irish brands such as National Lottery, An Post and Electric Ireland. Prior to joining Core, he has worked in global data deployments for Telefonica in Spain and in building advanced algorithmic trading processes for Capital Fund Management (C.F.M.) in France.

Julian will be delivering a Module on Advances in Analytics – Artificial Intelligence, IOT, Machine Learning in the Independent College Dublin Management Diploma in partnership with the Analytics Institute.

Here is what to expect…
“Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Deep learning, Neural Networks, Internet of Things… These are words we start to hear more often, but there is a lot of confusion out there about what these buzz words actually mean, and the implication they have for businesses both in terms of impact and process complexity.
This course aims to:
1. Deliver an understanding of the key concepts behind Statistical Modelling and Artificial Intelligence

2. Provide clear examples of how these different techniques are being applied in a business context

3. Establish an informed perspective of the future of AI and how we can expect AI and ML to evolve during the next coming years
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