Terms & Conditions

International Student Refund Policy

In the case of visa refusal, Independent College Dublin will refund the course fee to the student. In order to process this refund, the student will be required to provide a copy of the visa refusal letter, and visa appeal refusal letter to the college. No refund can be processed without this documentation. Please note that an administration fee of €250 is deducted from the fees prior to refund.

Conditions of Course Fee Refund

The Visa application process includes the original Visa application, and any subsequent Appeal as well as contacts and communications from the college to the Visa issuing authority.
The Visa application process will continue until such investigations have been undertaken and completed and all queries from the college to the visa issuing body have been comprehensively replied to and dealt with.

The Refund of Course Fee process will be as follows:
Step 1: Student will make a formal request to the college for the refund of course fees after the above visa application process is completed.  This formal request is to be in the form of a letter signed by the student and sent to the College Director by the student.

Step 2: The college will process the course fee refund within 30 days of the end of the month in which the student makes the above formal written request.

Step 3: The College will communicate with the student and keep the student up to date on the progress of the refund.

Step 4: Any refund of course fees will be directed to the source from which the fees were received.  If the student wishes to have the Course Fee refund transferred to their Sponsor / relative Bank account, this must be requested in writing in the formal letter to the college for the refund of course fees by the student. The Refund of Course Fees can be made by Electronic Transfer to the Bank Account of the Student, which must be requested in writing by the student.

Refunds in other circumstances

It is the policy of Independent College Dublin only to refund fees in the case of visa refusal.
In cases where a student applies for a visa for Ireland, and has been successful with their visa application, but subsequently does not take up his / her place at the college, no refund will be made.

In this case, however, if the course has not commenced it may be possible for the student to nominate another student (relative / friend) to take their place at the Course in question, or a similar course at the same fee level.
This is conditional on the student meeting the entry requirements of the course, and the visa application requirements for Ireland. The nominated student will be liable for the visa application fee payable to the visa issuing authority, and for any difference in the price of the course. It is not the responsibility of the College to secure an alternative student for the course.

Please note, that where a course has already commenced, there is a very short time period in which a student can nominate and switch their place with another student.

Should you have any queries relating to these terms and conditions, please contact the admissions office [email protected]

Fee Payments

Please note that we accept all methods of payment for fees and other charges – credit card, cheque, bank transfer, etc – with the exception of cash payments, which we do not permit.