What Our Students Say

Independent Colleges provides a relaxed environment, where students are respected as adults. There is simply a great atmosphere. The lectures are excellent, thorough & welcoming.

I studied online for the October Tort exam which Val Corbett taught and I’m delighted that I’ve been awarded the FE1 prizewinner for having the highest score In Ireland! I just wanted to say thanks a million for the spot on hints and tips, I will be recommending Independent College Dublin to everyone!

– Caroline Stone, FE1 Student

I would just like to say a word of thanks and appreciation to the lecturers and staff at Independent Colleges for the delivery and attention to detail that I received during my year on the MA Dispute Resolution. The professionalism of lecturing staff was second to none. The lecturers at all times had the interest of the students at the forefront of their agenda. Learning how to professionally mediate and negotiate has changed my view of the work irrevocably, due in large part to the expertise of the lecturers and the faculty and college staff.

– Philip Smith, MA Dispute Resolution Student

Hi Val. You are putting so much into the college and I don’t think that you realize how much it means to the students (clients ) . Most businesses and colleges could only dream of the service that you provide and its classic textbook stuff that one never experiences in the real life. Thanks for all the support past and present.

– Quinzil du Plessis

I like the modern facilities and the location. I am also very impressed with the standard of teaching and I find the lecturers to be very supportive, approachable and helpful.

-Mary Blake, NYB Student

The atmosphere in Independent Colleges is excellent. The lecturers all know you by name so you consider yourself to be more than just a student number on an exam script. This personal approach gives you the confidence to handle whatever challenges might come along, either in exams and assignments or, once you’ve qualified, your professional career.

– Robert Block, LL.B student

I am absolutely delighted that I chose to move to Independent Colleges for my LL.B degree. The lecturers are exceptional, the student facilities are second to none, and there is a sincere commitment to providing each student with personal attention. My paid summer internship was the icing on the cake for what has been a wonderful academic experience.

– Robert O’Brien, LL.B student

Independent Colleges provides a relaxed environment, where students are respected as adults. There is simply a great atmosphere. The lectures are excellent, thorough & welcoming.

– Danielle Moran, LL.B Student

At present I am in second year LL.B Law. I would like to become a solicitor eventually. I chose Independent Colleges for its friendly atmosphere, excellent & approachable lecturers & enjoy my classes immensely. If you have a problem there is always someone willing to help. The college has a great city centre location. It’s an honour to be a student here. Everyone is friendly & the college has a great college spirit.

– Lisa Barry, LL.B Student

I’d like to express my sincerest thanks to you and all the team at Independent Colleges for making this sitting such a success!

– Damian Kenneally, FE1 Student

I did my degree in Griffith and the first 4 FE1’s in Griffith and then switched to Independent. I would like to thank you and staff for a great experience in Independent and I have recommended it to many colleagues and friends. It has been a long road but was absolutely worth it! I am currently working in a law firm which specializes in Criminal Law and have secured an apprenticeship here. Once again, many thanks and I hope the college flourishes.

– Patricia Kelehan, FE1 Student

When I started last November, I hadn’t studied law before and found the initial weeks a challenge to understand what was required in relation to the exams. If there are any students in a similar position who would like to speak to someone who has just completed the course/exams, I would be happy to have a chat with them as I found that everything does come together after a few weeks. I found the course, lectures and presentation to be excellent.

– Anthony Corrigan

Val Corbett is one of the best lecturers I have ever come across. Very easy to understand.

– Geraldine Corscadden, FE1 Student

I have now passed all 8 FE1’s! Thanks to Independent Colleges! Thanks a million for all your help over the last two years.

– Siobhan Byrne, FE1 Student

The lecturers are excellent at explaining concepts. I’d certainly recommend the course.

– Deirdre Conneely, FE1 Student

Val Corbett (Contract) – I find the question-focused approach of the lecturer excellent – we always start and end lecture looking at exam questions and Mr Corbett’s approach in this regard is the best of all the lecturers I have.

– Mary Drennan



What Our Students Say

“I recently studied Project Management with Independent Colleges. The course and lecturers and staff were excellent and made every student feel individual. It is in an ideal location and the facilities make it accessible and a really good environment to study and attend lectures.”

– Caroline Morgan | Diploma in Project Management

“I would recommend this course to anyone, whether currently working in the events industry or just starting out. The wide range of topics, comprehensive notes, interactive classes and guest speakers means there is something here for everyone. I’ve have put into place so many of the lessons I learned during the course.”

“It has benefited not just the events I have run but the other people working with me. The notes have proved invaluable and help is always at hand from the lecturers so preparation for projects or exams never seemed very daunting. Its great to come away with a qualification for a job I so enjoy!”

– Alison Hughes | International Rugby Board

“After researching all event management courses, I choose this course over others as it was comprehensive and practical. It has been invaluable in helping me understand the complexities of organising an event. Lectures are very interesting and notes comprehensive. I feel it has given me the necessary tools to develop my career in event management. I would highly recommend this course.”

– Adrienne O’Brien | Reinhardst

“Thanks so much for the courses, all the staff are amazing.”

– Eva Handelman

“I was recently on the Event Management Diploma course. It was a very in-depth course covering all areas of events and included valuable work experience. I learned a huge amount and since the lecturers were industry professionals it was also great to hear their experiences and words of wisdom. They were all very professional and highly knowledgeable in this area. The facilities at the college were excellent. I highly recommend this course for people who have an interest in events and aren’t afraid of hard work. Well worth it!”

– Lorraine Murphy

“I really enjoyed the course. I found it very informative and Keith Finglas is a very good lecturer. The classes were practical as well as theoretical which I was pleased with. I would definitely participate in other courses run by Independent Colleges.”

– David Flynn | Project Management

“I would recommend this course to anyone with an interest in attempting to understand the world of the day trader. Halfway through the course I experienced a ‘Financial Epiphany’, what had been dull and uninteresting overnight became truly interesting and revelatory.”

– Eric Ring | Financial Trading

“Fantastic course for beginners and even intermediate level traders to get back to basics and build a trading plan from the ground up. Lecturers very experienced and personable.”

– Liam T. Quinlan | Financial Trading

“I found it very good overall. I learned a great deal, and it gave me the confidence to trade, which I was lacking prior to the course.”

– Ken Gannon | Financial Trading

“The course gave me a fantastic grounding in all aspects of trading. The trainers had huge trading experience, and were happy to share lots of personal insights. They helped me get a good understanding of what is important. I believe I saved myself many rookie trader errors, and I would highly recommend this course to anyone new (or not so new) to trading.”

– Ann Hunt | Financial Trading

What Our Students Say

In Their Footsteps


My experience in Independent Colleges has been really good so far. I was really nervous that I wouldn’t enjoy being here but I’ve made friends and the lecturers are really helpful. They make sure that we enjoy the classes and fully understand the topics so we can do well in our exams. I enjoy going here.

– Nadine O’Connor | 1st year BABS student

My name is Thomas, I’m 21 and I come from France. I’m an international student in 3rd year in Bachelor in Business Studies at ICD.

In ICD, we have class in small groups with students of different ages coming from every part of the world : it is very enriching culturally. We have teachers who provide courses of quality and who are available, willing to listen to our needs.

Moreover, the college provides us good facilities to work (library, computers lab) and flexibility in term of class choices at the beginning of the year.

In this way, we have every tools to succeed.

Personally, ICD brought me good knowledge thanks to interesting lectures and teachers. It has also allowed me to meet international student and therefore offered me a wonderful framework to practice and improve my English.

 – Thomas Nguyen | 3rd Year BABS Student

My name is Fortunate Hlongwane. I’m currently studying Business Studies. The reason why I have choose Independent college is the location and modules selection.

Independent colleges are located at the centre of Dublin a perfect place to work, live, study and socialise. The lectures are helpful, friendly and welcoming; above all they provide a world class teaching. Independent college is diversity place where you can meet all nationalities, which is good for networking and social skills. I would definitely recommend the college to anyone.

The reason why I chose independent college is that there a flexible selection of subjects that suit any individual which is a credit to me. The modules I have selected are great in the sense after the successful completion of the course I do not see myself as an employee but an outstanding entrepreneur equipped with challenging entrepreneurship skills.

I will definitely recommend independent college to anyone who wants to experience a world class teaching and leadership skills.

– Fontunate Hlongwane | 3rd year BABS student

I just got my results from the Kings Inns and I passed. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for an excellent course. The experience from contacting the college to taking the lectures was professional and well managed. The access to the lectures online, while preparing for the exams was a Godsend. I would have no hesitation recommending the course to anyone.

– Paul | Student, Honorable Society of the King’s Inns Prep Course

I just wanted to let you know that I passed the Kings Inns entrance examination. Working full time combined with family commitments made it very difficult but the course was excellent and all the lecturers were top class.

I would like to convey my sincere thanks to you all.

– Neil | Student, Honorable Society of the King’s Inns Prep Course

Just a quick note to let you know that I passed my four FE-1 exams that I sat in October. I studied very hard which paid off but was also due to the high standard of lecturing and manuals at Independent Colleges. I don’t have a law background so it’s tough going but am enjoying it.

– Ann | FE1 Student

Thank you so much for the attention that the college gave to all students during the course. From speaking with all of the students the consensus was one of complete satisfaction with all of the lecturers, be it from outcomes to delivery to conclusion. The detail and expertise that each presenter gave during their delivery was second to none. I for one would have no hesitation in recommending the course and the College to others. 

– Philip | Diploma in Personal Insolvency