Why Independent College

Because we are committed to academic excellence

We are determined to provide all of our students with a rewarding, professional, and career-focused education of the very highest quality. Our faculty members are committed to maintaining academic excellence not just through great teaching but through personal, individual support.

Because our tuition is second to none

Our lecturers and tutors are among the most-respected academics in their fields. Our lecturers are people with real experience and industry insight. Class sizes are small so that everyone can contribute to debate and discussion and nobody gets left behind.

Because our results are some of the best in the country

The School of Law is the largest provider in the State for the delivery of preparation programmes for the entrance examinations to the Law Society of Ireland. For four of the past five years, students of this programme have finished 1st overall in these state-wide entrance examinations. The School’s preparation programmes for the Entrance Examinations to the King’s Inns and the New York Bar Examinations have proven to be highly successful.

Because we are in the heart of a vibrant city centre

Independent College Dublin has the perfect location for student life in Dublin: we are right in the very centre of the city, surrounded by cultural, academic and leisure attractions.

Because this is an ideal learning environment

Our lecture theatres are purpose-built to offer the best in comfort, style and technology: they are all air conditioned and have wireless high speed internet and networking access together with the latest presentation and video-conferencing equipment.

Because your qualification will be internationally recognised

Independent College Dublin programmes are validated to the highest standards both nationally and internationally. Your new qualification stands for academic achievement but also a deeper understanding of your subject in practical terms and this is highly valued in your field.

Because you will enjoy your time here

Whatever subject and qualification you choose, we promise you will have an interesting and thought-provoking learning experience in which you will look forward to every class. Your student life will be enriched not just by the college and the course, but by new friends, colleagues and a wonderful city.